ZTE got some relief but micron stocks fell

The Trump administration letting ZTE resume some business activities and ending 7-year ban but the shares of Micron technology slumped due to the reports that its chips have been temporarily banned in China. This seems to be the first step in bringing ZTE back to good graces of trump administration.

Right ZTR will be able to service some contracts they have signed on or before April 15th, that's when the US administration banned ZTE from doing business in the US. The next steps will be ZTE still to pay $400 million in an escrow account.

As the doors open to ZTE it seems it`s problem for Micron in China. UMC and Micron were involved in big intellectual property battle. There was a lawsuit filed them against them in China. They won a preliminary injunction blocking the sales of certain chips in China. Micron is likely to launch some kind of protest and settle the dispute. Nearly half of sells comes from China for Micron.

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