Whatsapp sought help to deal with rumors and provocative activities

Let`s help WhatsApp using our conscience and not acting on news and videos which looks dubious/provocative. It's our social responsibility to use social networking platforms responsibly.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging service is being repeatedly used to circulate provocative content and news full of rumors. After recent events, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India asked to take some immediate actions to proliferate the information that is being spread across the messaging service WhatsApp.
Whatsapp replied in a letter to Indian Ministry asking for help as it a collective effort to curb down such activities which are very hard to control over the huge database of its user and innumerable messages being sent every day. With recent advancements in technology tools like artificial intelligence can be used to track down the suspicious rumors and videos being spread and can be controlled in early stages before going viral. But above when everyone starts using social networking tools with little responsibility. Using our conscience we can understand if the news is fake or real and then be acting upon it or not be spreading anything that looks dubious.

This is what WhatsApp has to say in the letter sent to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meit). 
"Thank you for your letter dated July 2. Like the Government of India, we're horrified by these terrible acts of violence and wanted to respond quickly to the very important issues you have raised. We believe this is a challenge that requires government, civil society, and technology companies to work together." 

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