Launched by Apple Apple iOS 12 Beta - There are Feature and Performance Improvements

  • iOS 12  Apple has launched iOS 12 Beta for the public . AS it`s a Beta version be cautious before you download and install it on you...

Apple has launched iOS 12 Beta for the public. AS it`s a Beta version be cautious before you download and install it on your main device. Be sure you backup all your data before installing it or rather if you want to really have a feel of this new version try it on test phone or your iPad.
There are few noteworthy updates like better parental control, augmented reality, facetime, andmemoji. Most of the updates are iPhone X friendly. Apple claims this update to be more responsive, faster and delightful
Here is the list of few updates :
·         Increased Speed – It’s an overall responsive experience. Faster keyboard and camera response times and overall multitasking experience will get better. Up 70% faster swipe to the cameraUp to 50% faster keyboard display and up to 2x faster app load under the workload
·         FaceTime with more people at a time – Now you can FaceTime with up to 32 people at a time. You can start Group FaceTime from group thread in the message.
·         Memoji – This is iPhone X only feature which is personalized emoji with your own face. You can create moods and faces and use it with messages or FaceTime. With Memoji there is Animojis Koala, tiger ghost too added.
·         Camera effects: Camera effects which are around with 3rd party apps for ages now are here with this new update
·         AR Improvements: It seems AR is getting better and better with time and this is asunstantial improvement. ARKit2 makes possible for developers to ahead of the game and create more and more amazing experience.
·         Parental Control: This seems to be a feature in the cap with this you can track time spent using the iPhone / iPad.
·         There are few more updates related to notifications, security updates, do not disturb and new ways to search the photos (A I being used here).

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