Google is rebranding its advertising business as Google ads.

Google is rebranding its Ad business Adwords. Google made a big announcement that they are going to simplify the way they allow people to sell the ads. This move is targeted towards the who are less familiar with ads.  Let`s understand why this announcement is so important.
More than 85% of Google's revenue comes from Advertising in general. It`s been a long advertising with google ad interface was not easy. For example, to advertise on Youtube one has to open Adwords. Google announced 3 changes.

  1. The major rebranding of the Adwords. So they are discontinuing the brand name after using it for 18  years. They are rebranding it with "Google Ads"
  2. The second change is for enterprise customers where "double-click" and "analytics 360" become google marketing platform and they will roll this month.
  3. Double-click for publishers and double-click ad-exchange will become google ad manager again targeted for larger advertisers.
Let`s dig deeper and understand what made Google take this step.
  1. Facebook`s online adverting platform is so easy to use wherein comparatively google ad setup is bit complex for general people. 
  2. Lower budget campaigns are really popular with Facebook and it drew more and more people joining Facebook ads wherein google`s minimum budget while joining the program is higher. 
  3. The responsive and reactive way the facebook uses its ad platform is amazing and that has definitely compelled this google re-brand.

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