Earn $ 100,000 with Digital Products in 2019 - Affiliate Markets Can Make 100% Profit

How to create a digital product and make at least $100,000 a month
If you are you are searching for extra income or main income and ready to spend some time building a product let`s get on a journey to know how. If you are an affiliate marketer and busy selling other`s products promoting them, you can too build your own product and take away home 100% profit, you will have to decide and dedicate some time crafting a digital product.
Let `s start digging deep into the process of creating Digital Product.

1. Choose the niche/domain you want to work with.  The most important point where you choose what you want to create depending on your interest, the influence of surrounding or knowledge. Choose wisely influence can make you choose something which is very competitive and in turn very hard to sell. Let`s say you are influenced by digital marketing and you choose to create a product. Now you are starting your journey as creator and directly competing with behemoths of digital marketing. So make sure don`t let the influence drive your choice of niche. So it`s always a good idea to build a product with a topic that interests you, and you already have some basic knowledge about it. As you can do the advanced research on the topic and build an insanely good and helpful product.

# Tip: You go to Google trends and see what`s trending and how popular something is. 
# Tip: Make sure you are competing with marketers when you are starting and at the early stage. So pick something that’s not competitive.

Eg. “Wellness Mom” is a blog which talks about how to make sun-tan lotion at home. She gets tons of traffic with the simple niche. Actually, you can buy suntan lotion for $5 and why you would want to make suntan lotion at home. So niche is important guys. 

2. Choose a product : 
So once you figured out your niche choose a product. Get it straight don`t create any product that doesn`t give any value addition to your audience/customers.  If you create something that doesn`t have much value you are not going to go long. It`s simple, add value to people`s lives and get paid for the value you added.  In affiliate language, you will be bombarded with refunds.

# Tip: You can ask people for feedback. You can ask them what they need. Survey your readers, if you don’t have readers go to Facebook and ask “What`s the biggest problem I can solve?”  Ask your friends, ask craigslist but do your survey
# Tip: Use tools like Qualaroo and Survey Monkey 

3. How to build the product: Let`s get our hands dirty
First thing first build something that you can be proud of. It's longevity. Build something that you can put your face on it. Don`t build the product if you can`t tell people that it`s your product.  Here are some very important points to consider while building a product.
a. The customer should be able to finish your product in 3 months or at least not quicker than a month. When you have a digital product and they finish it within a month what happens is too many refunds. When it takes more than 3 months they think it`s a lot of work, and you already can relate to what I want to convey here.
b. Videos and audios and worksheets have more value rather than plain text. So pay people for creating these audios and video files for you. Don`t overwhelm people with too much information make sure it`s actionable. Create membership portals through simple tools like email.
# Tip : Use something simple like wp member and don`t go pay too much money for membership portals.  
c. Then you should decide how much you should charge. In general, you should not charge less than a $1,000 ( set your standards high and see the product is worth $1000 ). It`s a good starting point to balance your ads spend and profit revenue. Anything more than $3000 doesn`t work without a sales team.

# Tip: Make sure you keep on adding value to a product by adding bonus after bonus. A
Affiliate marketers you already know how to drive traffic now it`s just about creating your own product and selling it.
# Tip: Brazil is a good market for affiliate marketing your products. Hotmart and Clickbank are very good options for your product to be promoted with affiliate marketers. With Hotmark you can have 14 or 24 payment plans and the customer can`t back out. (this way your product can be really affordable )  

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